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TUDIA Klip cable protector for iPhone and iPad

TUDIA Klip cable protector for iPhone and iPad

THE TUDIA Klip is a 2-piece clip made of silicone and polycarbonate, which snaps on to all original Apple Lightning and 30-pin charging cables, reducing strain by 80 per cent and thereby protecting Apple charging cables from fraying and breaking.

TUDIAThe clip also fixes already frayed or damaged cables. The product controls bending at the most vulnerable points of the cable – the ends, ensuring that the cables will work when you need them most. Measuring only ½” long and weighing .08oz, TUDIA Klip is available in blue, green, pink, gray and yellow. The TUDIA Klip package includes two clips, one for each end of the cable. To use, you simply slide the colour silicone base on the cable to the point where it meets the plug and then attach the white polycarbonate clip to lock the Klip into place.


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Michael Cowton, an outdoors writer, editor and photographer with a passion for nature-based travel and wildlife. He is a former editor of EcoTravel, Outdoor Pursuits, Camping, Lakeland Walker and Which Motorcaravan magazines, and national newspaper journalist.

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  1. Andy Paddock

    What a great idea, pity the price tag isn’t a bit lower. At over £5 I’d be tempted just to buy a new cable or pay a bit more for a more robust one in the first place.


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