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Correspondent Aynur Tattersall was born in İzmir. She began her career in journalism in 1994, graduating from Aegean University’s Communication Faculty in Journalism in İzmir in 1996. Aynur worked for Sky Television as a reporter before relocating to London, where she completed her Masters Degree in Multi Media Studies. She was awarded Best News Story by the Aydin Dogan Foundation in 1999. Aynur published her first book, 'News Translation Techniques from English into Turkish' in 2012. She currently works as a London-based correspondent for the Demirören News Agency, and travels the globe, sharing her experiences on Hürriyet Seyahat, as well as contributing to Essential Journeys. A professional tennis coach and keen allround sportsperson, Aynur is a member of the Royal Yachting Association and a Day Skipper captain.

Iain P W Robertson has been a fixture of the British and international motoring scene for more than forty years. He is also an exponent of the travel scene and understands driving holidays only too well. Always opinionated but frequently balanced in his views, he is open to receiving enquiries from readers and he will respond. Iain is over 50, likes dogs and drives a Skoda, out of choice.

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